It was great to get all of the MPF No Limits Kinders and schools together for an all day Review and Planning workshop in July 2022.

No Limits, which addresses low rates of oral language and literacy development, has been generously funded by a wonderful group of donors since 2019. Seven kinders and primary schools are involved along with our speech pathology partner, Peninsula Speech Plus. The day was created to allow teachers, educational assistants, principals, kinder educators and leaders to discuss outcomes to date and plan for the next stage of this game changing work.

We have seen dramatic increases in children’s oral language due to the intensive speech therapy and direct oral language instruction which has led kinders and schools to review their practices and look at how this work can be sustainable without ongoing philanthropic support.

These are exciting times as our visionary local leaders reach out to opportunities and experiences in other areas, learning from research and other schools progressing down this path to explore the transition to the Science of Learning as a means of sustaining these outcomes for children in the long term.