A key element to the success of place-based philanthropy is the connections made in communities between various  organisations that are often nearby but working in isolation.

Since the Western Port Learning Guarantee was formed in 2019, powerful connections between schools in Hastings and local organisations have developed.

The well being staff at the local primary schools work closely with the family support service at the Western Port Community Support Centre. Quick responses often circumvent major issues that can occur due to extensive waiting times for mainstream services. Students and families feel comfortable at the Centre as they know and trust the staff. Staff at the Centre are welcomed and have a regular presence at the schools.

Primary and Secondary teachers work closely with Willum Warrain, the Indigenous Community Centre in Hastings. Wonderful events at this remarkable Centre bring children and young people together to explore culture, connection and healing.

The secondary and feeder primary schools meet regularly as a cluster, working together, collaborating to build a system that supports all children and their families.

The commitment to the children, the young people, their families and the community as a whole over rides individual organisational pursuits and is a testament to the integrity of the leadership and individuals involved in this ground breaking work. It is a privilege to be a part of it.