MPF devotes about 75% of our budget to education and is exploring a number of opportunities through a growing network of local education providers.


Every Child. Every Day.

Western Port Education Precinct

The Western Port Education Precinct brings together MPF’s three lead projects in education and is the culmination of many small grants and much work on the ground by the principals and teachers of the local secondary and primary schools.

No Limits

Through a collaboration with six Mornington Peninsula primary schools and kinders, No Limits addresses low rates of oral language development and explores the link between oral language and literacy in the early years and the impact on longer term engagement with learning. 2019 – 2021

Literacy Support at Tyabb Rail Primary

Literacy Support at Tyabb Railway Station Primary School addresses low rates of literacy and employs one on one daily intervention by Educational Assistants, based upon individual assessments and learning plans.

Healthy Eats @ Wallaroo Primary

Healthy Eats @ Wallaroo Primary provides all children at the school with a nutritious daily breakfast and lunches each day for a different class, students of which learn about kitchen hygiene, how food is grown, prepared and cooked, enjoyed in a communal setting and beautifully cleared away.

A School Bus at Mornington Park

In 2020 two generous donors provided a school bus for Mornington Park Primary, enabling children to participate in extra curricula activities and support greater engagement with the broader community.

Support for non-attenders at Rosebud Secondary

A small grant to students who have ceased attendance at Rosebud Secondary College is supporting the case work provided by Anglicare within the school.

The Learning Guarantee

The Learning Guarantee investigates why only three out of ten students enrolling at Western Port Secondary are at required standards for this transition. It is exploring academic and well being measures and service and environmental factors contributing to these data. 2020

After School Tutoring at Eastbourne Primary

After School Tutoring through Anglicare at Eastbourne Primary addresses high rates of disengagement from learning and low rates of literacy and numeracy through one on one weekly tutoring based on individual assessment and learning plans.

The Feuerstein Program at Advance College

The Feuerstein Program addresses low rates of engagement in learning for students who have been excluded from mainstream education and are enrolled at the Advance Community College and is based on Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability.

The Abecedarian Program at Eastbourne Primary

The Abecedarian Program at Eastbourne Primary and Seawinds Community Hub focuses on increasing oral language in pre school years to support greater engagement with learning and literacy development.

Elevate at Western Port

Elevate addresses disengagement from learning evidenced by high absenteeism and early school leaving at Western Port Secondary College, and investigates the potential to incorporate the philosophies and practices of Oakwood School, which have successfully

MPF Transition Scholarships

MPF Transition Scholarships provide $500 per scholarship to support students and families with significantly increased education costs in transitioning from primary to secondary or from middle to upper secondary where special subject costs can prohibit student choice and engagement.

The Kitchen Renovation at Wallaroo Primary

The Kitchen Renovation at Wallaroo Primary will enable the school to operate the Healthy East program at full capacity.

Educational Assistance on the Southern Peninsula

Educational Assistance on the Southern Peninsula provides individual students and families with financial assistance towards technology, uniforms, subject costs, camps and excursions.


MPF provides support from assertive outreach to prevention of homelessness through a range of niche services delivered in flexible, innovative ways by a range of community partners.

Housing and Homelessness in Western Port

The Housing and Homelessness Program at the Western Port Community Support Centre provides specialist case management for people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. To date over 230 clients plus family members have been supported with over 50% securing stable housing.

Assertive Outreach, Rosebud

Assertive Outreach, Rosebud has recently been provided on the Rosebud foreshore as tensions and numbers have risen to crisis point. This program is currently being reviewed with a view to ongoing support.

The Southern Peninsula Laundry and Shower Program

The Southern Peninsula Laundry and Shower Program provides bi-weekly outreach support to people experiencing homelessness on the Rosebud foreshore and surrounds. To date over 180 individuals at over 1200 presentations have been supported with food, companionship, shower and laundry facilities.

Rooming House Outreach, Hastings and Rosebud

Rooming House Outreach, Hastings and Rosebud provides weekly food and connection by Salvocare to people living in rooming houses. Includes referrals, community linkages and support towards training, employment, health and more stable housing.

Preventing homelessness through Private Rental Assistance

The Preventing Homelessness, Southern Peninsula Program works specifically with people at risk of homelessness or who are recently homeless, providing a nexus between supply and demand to mitigate risks and work towards secure tenancies which benefit both tenants, land lords and agents. To date a 80% secured housing has been achieved.

Mattresses for people newly housed

Mattresses for people newly housed are provided by Sealy Mattresses with support from one of MPF’s donors in collaboration with the Housing program at Western Port.

Community Development

MPF Community Development grants provide support across a range of organisations and issues and enable immediate benefit to be combined with growing understanding of community issues and opportunities for MPF to become engaged.

Mighty Good Men's Group

The Mighty Good Men’s Group provides weekly connection and support for men who are isolated, experiencing mental health issues and are seeking reintegration with community. Weekly activities are led by the members and provide a vehicle for restoration through community and professional engagement.

Women’s Program @ Willum Warrain

The Women’s Program at Willum Warrain has gathered a group of proud, local Aboriginal women who are working through culture to empower their families and communities to stand tall and look forward.

OzAssist IT upgrade

OzAssist is a volunteer organisation providing support to people who are navigating the social support system. Often they are in vulnerable circumstances and face the complexities of the system which are impenetrable and overwhelming.


Uniforms4U provide freshly laundered second hand and sometimes new uniforms for families in need on the Southern Peninsula. Volunteer run and always cheerful, this is a connection that is about more than uniforms. It’s about building a community.

Presentation Family Centre Holiday Program

Presentation Family Centre provides respite to families experiencing vulnerabilities and recently was supported by MPF to enhance the holiday programs with fund and educational activities.

Family Support Service

Southern Peninsula Family Support Service operates out of SPCSIC and provides client led, relational, non mandated family support through insightful and compassionate case management, forging links across the community that are empowering families through challenging situations.

YMCA Visiting Practitioners Program

YMCA Youth Services provides a central hub for young people in Rye. MPF recently supported the provision of the Visiting Practitioners Program which includes yoga and reiki at no charge for young people.

Covid 19 Responses

During Covid e19 MPF has provided a number of small grants to community partners to support immediate and emerging needs.

Headsets at Hastings Primary

Hastings Primary sought support to purchase headsets for all of their students so that when they returned to school they could all safely use the IT equipment.

Phones in extreme isolation

Mobile phones were provided by emergency relief agencies and housing workers to reduce client isolation which was exacerbated during the crisis.

Boomerang Bag Facemasks

Big thanks to our Boomerang Bag volunteers at Mt Martha Neighbourhood House who are making facemasks for essential service staff and volunteers. They are in hot demand!

Family Meals from Somers Camp

Somers Camp provided healthy cooked meals during the school closures to over 350 families per week across ten Peninsula primary schools utilising the Camp staff who were underutilised with the camp being closed during term 2.

Counselling at Tootgarook Primary

Some primary schools experienced significant increases in family crisis with children requiring increased support, which was provided in the form of on site counselling.

Food Vouchers for Emergency Relief

Food Vouchers were provided for people needing emergency relief.

IT at Fusion

Young people experiencing homelessness at Fusion Youth Centre were provided with laptops and connectivity to reduce increased isolation and vulnerability.

Our Featured Project: No Limits

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