While SPCSIC through SPLaSh supports people experiencing the crisis of homelessness, New Pen Community Care (NPCC) aims to help prevent people from getting to that point.

This small trial was intended to go for one year, but the outcomes after 9 months have been so significant there is a strong likelihood this work will be scaled up. NPCC acts as the nexus between people at risk of homelessness (and sometimes already homeless) and those people who are part of housing provision, including real estate agents, landlords, developers, welfare and service providers.

It was proposed in this area due to the increasing rates of homelessness coupled with the perceived potential to unlock existing resources by mitigating risks providers often assumed.

By using their skills, experience and sector contacts, NPCC has explored new options beyond the immediate including properties waiting for development, share options and short term leases.

Establishing a lease history is very difficult if you can’t get on the ladder, but once such is established, perhaps through a short term lease, longer term leases are more possible.

One of the most significant outcomes has been the benefits for children who, with stable housing, can remain at the same school and experience an uninterrupted education. Our work in schools shows significant movement of children which unstable housing can be a part of.