Housing and Homelessness Westernport

MPF’s support of Westernport Community Support and Information Centre has led, as with SPCSIC, to a greater focus of resources on homelessness. Anecdotally rates are rapidly increasing in this area, as on the other side. This appears to have been confirmed by the large number of people accessing the recently established case management position.

As with other CSICs, the Centre at Westernport generally provides immediate relief to people in a crisis including food, utility vouchers and educational assistance for children. Services for housing are minimal with major services based in Frankston or Dandenong. With transport a major barrier, accessing these services for people in the Hastings area is near impossible.

Data to date shows of the 62 accessing the service in the first three months 96% are single, the average age is 46, just over half are women, most have been in private rental or couch surfing and through this service, nearly half have had their housing secured.

MPF will continue to work closely with WCSIC to draw insights from the data to build a strategic response that can attract other partners to secure greater outcomes and sustainability.