Smiles and laughter say it all! The wonderful staff of Advance Community College relax with trainer, Larissa Monastursky, after an intensive three week residency in which they were immersed in the theory and application of the intentionally renown Feuerstein Program.

A program based in Israel and created after the second world war in response to high levels of cognitive dysfunction due to intense trauma by Professor Reuven Feuerstein, this highly structured program is based on the premise that no matter what adversity or environmental challenges a person experiences, it is always possible to rise up to their full potential.


After the three week intensive training all staff are excited to be embarking on an enhanced curriculum in which they will incorporate the Feuerstein program that uses highly developed instruments to support cognitive development, stimulate motivation and open pathways to individual success in education and its application in life. Thanks to very generous donors Sentinel and 6A Foundations.