Family Case Management was proposed by SPCSIC as a new program in response to a lack of services for families in need of support but not involved in mandated services and therefore not able to access dedicated family services.

In MPFs attempt to better understand the reasons behind the symptoms of intergenerational disadvantage, we were keen to see if a new model of engagement between service provision and families would lead to different outcomes.

With the skilled and experienced Tracey Byrne in the role, SPCSIC delivers a program that differs to mandated services in that it is voluntary, client directed and not time limited. The only requirement for attending the service is that you have at least one child.

During the last 18 months the service has worked with over 75 families. A large percentage have been headed by grandparents and most have been single parent/carer families. Financial stresses, physical and mental health as well as increasing costs of housing are headline issues with these families.