Our approach is bottom up. We focus on Early intervention and recognise the need for coordination of all community assets with respect to complex issues.

Guiding Principles

  • Disadvantage is not inevitable. It arises due to systemic barriers to inclusion.
  • People with direct experience of disadvantage have the deepest insights into its impact.
  • Systemic change occurs by addresing root causes and focusing on prevention rather than crisis
  • Everyone has something to give and everyone has something to gain.
  • Research and technology can dramatically boost our effectiveness.

Images of the visits


  • We listen to the people with experience of disadvantage
  • We respond to the needs they identify with small grants
  • We build relationships and identify underlying issues
  • We introduce donors to the community and inspire engagement
  • We track project outcomes and identify underlying trends with data analytics
  • We expand our support to larger, longer-term grants
  • We connect individual projects to form large networks for systemic change and community
  • We build links with research institutions and governments to influence policy and funding structures

Our People

Community Wide

Our Projects

Option: diagram showing small->big grants process
Statistical highlights about the how MPF interventions have had 180° impact on certain trends.
Include PRAP statistic –> early intervention results in 86% success rate (check)