No Limits education initiative continues to power forward delivering outstanding results

As truly remarkable and inspiring results in children’s oral language and literacy are observed and recorded, our No Limits kinders and schools are increasingly committed to the implementation of what works in their classrooms. When we started No Limits 3 ½ years ago with the objective of responding directly to the needs our schools and kinders highlighted, we provided external intervention with speech therapists regularly visiting each kinder and school to address low levels of oral language. With fantastic partnerships between the schools, kinders and speech pathologists and the growing awareness of the latest research in the science of learning and reading, this work has turned into whole scale systems reform through the leadership of these local schools and kinders.

MPF has always emphasised the need for sustainability. Our philosophy is philanthropy plays the role of seed funder to test ideas, try new ways, and ultimately support sustainable change, not creating dependence. Last week we brought all No Limits schools and kinders together to workshop this philosophy. We asked the questions – how has No Limits evolved and where is it heading? The transformation in incredible – schools and kinders embracing the shift from whole language instruction to the science of learning and reading which includes training for teachers in systematic synthetic phonics and explicit direct instruction. The success of this approach is empowering teachers and students alike. This No Limits community is changing the way children communicate, learn and engage with the world – setting them up for inclusion, participation and valued roles in life. And they are bringing parents and carers with them. It was a fantastic day with valuable and insightful input from everyone involved. Thank you to all involved and especially to (Steph to supply key stakeholder names for tagging).

No Limits is ground-breaking systems change, created, led and driven by the community with philanthropy playing a supportive role with an exit plan.

Congratulations to our community and donor partners – we’re so proud to be involved in this work.