Sincere thanks to MPF donors who contributed $1.4m in FY2020, which supported 34 projects across our three focus areas of education, homelessness and community development. Here are some of the highlights.


  • Through the No Limits program, our 12 partner primary schools and kinders are ensuring that more children on the Peninsula have the oral language skills they need to learn to read
  • Intensive work with upper primary students in collaboration with Western Port Secondary College, is helping identify the root causes behind poor rates of transition from primary to secondary school and new ways to support students
  • New approaches with disengaged students at Western Port, in collaboration with Oakwood School, are increasing attendance and engagement rates
  • Linking these initiatives together alongside local services is building towards a community-driven vision that will support all young people in the Western Port region to succeed in their education


  • Dedicated case management in the Hastings Housing and Homelessness Program has seen favourable outcomes for more than 50% of clients, but lack of affordable housing remains a critical issue
  • The Private Rental Assistance Program run by New Pen Community Care on the Southern Peninsula has seen an 80% success rate in securing safe housing for people at risk of homelessness, preventing their slide into crisis and the significant associated costs
  • Bi-weekly outreach through the Southern Peninsula Laundry and Shower Program on the Rosebud foreshore has created connections with the most vulnerable and isolated people who now have access to further assistance through a case manager and other support services


  • A small grant to Mighty Good Men in Rosebud and Western Port is helping build community connections for men experiencing isolation and anxiety
  • The intense demand for the Family Support Service in Rosebud highlights the local community needs and opportunities for system reform
  • The Grandmothers’ Project on the Southern Peninsula provides financial assistance for the army of unsung heroes who care for their grandchildren when their own children are unable to do so, ensuring these children have what they need to proudly attend school
    MPF’s network of connections across the Mornington Peninsula continues to grow. We’re working with community partners closest to the issues to identify the root causes, then bringing on board investors to test and scale their ideas. It’s very much a collaborative effort – together we’re building stronger communities on the Mornington Peninsula.