Our Work

The Issue

A Regional Statistical Profile by the National Institute of Economic and Industry Research provided a baseline for MPF in 2017.

This report, drawing on ABS statistics, revealed one in four households lives below the poverty line.

Areas of extreme wealth and extreme poverty lie jarringly within just a few kilometres of each other.

Data averaged over these areas masks the degree of need.

Data from local sources derived through MPF programs directs our work in response to these issues.

Disadvantage on the Mornington Peninsula is largely intergenerational and it will take an innovative, transformational approach to disrupt this cycle.

Community Wide Change

Mornington Peninsula Foundation uses strategic grants to turn siloes into pathways for whole community change.

Individual projects

Mornington Peninsula Foundation is bottom up - we identify and address root causes to bring about systemic change.


MPF regularly takes people from the wider community to visit organisations engaged in our grants programs.

These are opportunities for people who may not usually meet to come together, to listen and learn about the issues communities are facing and which MPF is supporting.
They are small and informal with no set agendas, but a willingness on all parts to be challenged by realities, open to ideas and inspired by potential.
Everyone has something to give, everyone has something to learn. There are no dumb questions and no expectations, other than that we all might be that little bit wiser at the end of the day.

If you are interested in coming along, please get in touch.


Our Community Partners

MPF is proud to work with community leaders and organisations on the Mornington Peninsula

  • Advance College
  • Anglicare Victoria
  • Bittern Primary School
  • Bolton Clarke
  • Community Kinders Plus
  • Clothes4U
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Crib Point Kinder
  • Crib Point Primary School
  • Eastbourne Primary School
  • Good Vibrations
  • Hastings Primary School
  • Homeground Café
  • Mornington Park Primary School
  • Mums Supporting Families in Need
  • New Peninsula Community Caring Inc.
  • OzAssist
  • Peninsula Christian Care
  • Peninsula Speech Pathology
  • Presentation Family Centre
  • Rosebud Secondary College
  • Salvo Care Eastern
  • Seawinds Community Hub
  • Somers Camp
  • Southern Peninsula Community Support Centre
  • St Vincent de Paul
  • Tootgarook Primary School
  • Tyabb Railway Primary School
  • Wallaroo Primary School
  • Western Port Community Support Centre
  • Western Port Secondary College
  • Willum Warrain
  • YMCA Southern Peninsula