Project Outcomes – Library renovation at Hastings Primary School

On behalf of the Hastings Primary School community, I would like to extend our thanks for the support provided by the Mornington Peninsula Foundation that has enabled us to complete the recently finished upgrade of our Junior Library space.

The upgrade has included purchasing ‘front-facing’ display shelving, brightly coloured labelling and signage, student furniture and many books.

Our classes are regularly engaging in the newly revamped library, enjoying story time, accessing new books, learning how a library works, borrowing and returning books and being immersed in literature. The newly upgraded library is modelled in every classroom with similar labelling and signage and therefore further supporting a developing sense of familiarity and confidence for students.

The bright and colourful space promotes engagement as the students enjoy the space with their peers and staff members.
Feedback from students is incredibly positive. They ‘love’ using the new student-focused furniture and the bright colours that ‘lift’ the space and enhance the atmosphere.
Staff enjoy utilising the space and are often seen with their classes in the open inviting space. We now have a staff member dedicated to ‘loving’ the library. This has enabled the library to be opened at lunch times for students to enjoy the quiet space with a favourite book.

Staff have commented that students are delighting in the space and in particular with ALL the new books. The front-facing display shelves have made the picture story books easier to access for students. It also adds to the brightness of the display with all of the beautiful colours that are outward facing.

School tours through the library are also a highlight with prospective families acknowledging the space as bright and inviting.

Simone McDonald, Principal