“I feel like I’m really good at this now, it feels easy for me.
I never used to know how to do it. Now I can!”

Year six student who is participating in the Learning Guarantee Program

What a fantastic comment from a year six student about long division – suddenly it is possible!

This student is participating in the Learning Guarantee Program, part of the locally driven Western Port Education Pathway dedicated to ensuring every child meets educational benchmarks, from kinder through to year 12.

A passionate group of principals, teachers and service providers are putting every child and young person front and centre, asking: “how do we change our system so all children and young people are inspired to love learning, succeed in education and be part of a bright future?”

Thanks to the dedicated staff across all programs, we’re seeing more and more children and young people reigniting their excitement for learning, like the student we quoted above.

Under the leadership of Western Port Secondary Principal, Christopher Quinn, and with extraordinarily generous philanthropic support, Western Port Education (WPE) pulls together three MPF programs from kinder through to year 12.

  • No Limits in kinder to year 3 focuses on oral language and literacy, aiming for every child to be on the reading bus by year 3,
  • The Learning Guarantee focuses on upper primary so all children are ready for transition to secondary by the end of year 6,
  • Elevate is ensuring every student in secondary school is on track to complete year 12 or equivalent.

MPF is proud to be working with this amazing community of dedicated practitioners; to see the bold vision unfold in daily life, to see teachers excited about teaching, principals passionate about leading, services working in partnership and young people on the rise.

WPE is about working together to break the cycle of intergenerational disadvantage, from the ground up.