to learning for children on the Mornington Peninsula

Our big project for 2019, No Limits, brings together five outstanding primary school principals and their feeder kinders and opens the doors to success in education for the incredible young minds in their prep and kinder classes.

Crib Point, Wallaroo, Eastbourne, Mornington Park and Tyabb Rail Primary Schools and their feeder kinders will build up the oral language of the children through intensive speech therapy, incorporation of the Abecedarian Program and expansive learning through rich texts and life broadening experiences.

Based on the outstandingly successful pilot of 2018 at Crib Point Primary, this major project will support over 600 children over three years to have the speaking and listening skills to be ready to learn to read in year one. 

Ongoing Projects

Southern Peninsula Scholarships

$500 scholarships for children transitioning from primary to secondary.

Tyabb Rail Primary Literacy Program

One on one daily literacy support for children below average in literacy.

Westernport Educational Assistance

Financial assistance for families unable to meet the basic costs of education.

After School Tutoring, Southern Peninsula

One on one tutoring with family support to bridge gaps in literacy and numeracy and bring kids up to par.

Westernport Secondary STEM outreach to feeder primary schools

Bridging the gap between primary and secondary and training young people in new technologies that are part of the new world of work.

Speech and Occupational Therapies Crib Point Primary

Identifying developmental delays early and providing targeted responses.

Preventing Homelessness Fund

Financial support to reduce this risk of homelessness.

Westernport Community Support Centre

SPLASh: Southern Peninsula Shower and Laundry

Outreach to people experiencing homelessness, supporting people led engagement with services and community.

SPCSIC Food Pantry

If people could pop into the local shop, they would.

Crib Point Kinder 

Learning through play

Connecting Local Agencies on the Southern Peninsula

Understanding how local agencies do and don’t work together and how this can be enhanced for better client outcomes.

Private Rental Assistance 

Assisting people at risk of homelessness to maintain stable housing through case management and community connections.

Southern Peninsula Family Support Program

Understanding complex needs and supporting aspirations of families through client led engagement.

Family Support at SPCSIC

Using technology to distract little ones from adult conversations

Child Care Scholarships, Seawinds Community Hub

Gap fees for children in families who welcome the chance to attend child care on a more regular basis.

Mornington Community High Teas 

Bringing people together in response to social isolation.

Rose-budding Youth Art Competition 

Supporting budding artists, creativity and talents

Homeground Cafe Mornington Park

Creating a local community hub that also trains and employs disengaged young residents.

Foundation 59 Projects 

Biala Peninsula Inc 

Providing services for very young children with delays and disabilities.

Hands on Learning 

Decreasing disengagement from school by engaging children who find the classroom unsuitable in hands on practical learning projects.

Capel Sound Children’s Project

Improving early learning outcomes and school readiness.

YMCA Southern Peninsula Youth Services 

A safe and nurturing environment for young people.

Lifelong Learning 

Breakfast and support activities with Russell Ardley at Wallaroo and Mornington Park Primary Schools.

Westernport Secondary College

Learning Guarantee and Year 9 Excursion programs.

We work with a number of donors to collaboratively fund these initiatives. Each is partially funded by our founder, George Hicks Foundation. Some are fully funded; others need more support. If you are interested in supporting these projects financially, please get in touch with our Executive Director, Stephanie Exton on 03 9656 5523 or We’d love to hear from you!

Grants to date



Westernport Secondary Educational Guarantee Pilot

After School Tutoring for Children with Below Average Literacy & Numeracy

Abecedarian Program at Eastbourne Primary


Crib Point


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The Mornington Peninsula Foundation acknowledges and pays respect to the Boon Wurung / Bunurong People of the Kulin Nation, the traditional owners of these lands and waters.