Our approach

MPF draws on its place based knowledge and networks to coordinate donors to fund, community organisations to create and governments to sustain systemic social change.

Mornington Peninsula Foundation is bottom up – it identifies and addresses root causes to bring about systemic change.

Our process

We work with people closest to the issues to create and test new ways of working.

We inspire philanthropic partners to fund these innovations.

We translate information through data and insights to policy makers.

Our guiding principles

Disadvantage on the Mornington Peninsula is largely hidden.

There is a wealth of resources in the community, which our support can help unlock.

Systemic change requires the identification of root causes by listening to people at the grass roots.

Change becomes sustainable when communities own and drive it. Real change occurs at their own pace.

People with lived experience have expertise that policy makers need; close connection and translation of data is essential.

Advances in research, science and technology are critical parts of social change initiatives.

Our visits

We introduce donors and other community members to our community partners in visits to their work places.

We build bring people who may not usually meet together and watch as information flows and ideas spark.

There is genuinely so much willingness within our community to get involved, it is just a matter of finding out how and that is best done by talking directly with the people doing the work.

We have no set agendas, other than for people to have open and warm conversations. Outcomes, however, are always amazing.

Our People


Community Wide


Our Projects

Our Donors

MPF gratefully acknowledges and sincerely thanks every one of our donors who collectively make this work possible.

  • 6A Foundation
  • Alandal Consulting
  • Nicholas and Lisa Barnett
  • Barr Family Foundation
  • Doug Bartley
  • Clive and Jenny Batrouney
  • Bertalli Family Foundation
  • Jack and Meg Bowen
  • Bowness Foundation
  • Janet Calvert-Jones AM and John Calvert-Jones
  • Colin Carter AO and Angie Carter
  • Gordon Clarke
  • Collier Charitable Fund
  • Roger Colman
  • Debbie Daddon and Family
  • Sue Darvall
  • Richard Does
  • David Dyer
  • Equity Trustees
  • Erdi Foundation
  • Foundation 59
  • Martin Fry
  • John and Gaye Gaylard
  • George Hicks Foundation
  • Alan and Kate Gibson Foundation
  • John Grigg and Jo Grigg AO
  • Grosman Family Foundation
  • Grosvenor Foundation
  • Neil and Angela Gunn
  • Julie Gunnerson
  • Susan Hamilton
  • Michael and Susie Hamson
  • Peter and Neroli Hansen
  • Ben Hocking
  • John and Noelle Howell
  • Hugh Williamson Foundation
  • Igniting Change
  • Johnstone Family Foundation
  • Peter Kent
  • Peter Kopke
  • Alan Kozica
  • Janet Launder
  • Life Fitness Australia
  • Limb Family Foundation
  • Caroline and Tractor Marshall
  • Judy Matear
  • Peter and Liz McKeand
  • McNamara Family Foundation
  • Mt Eliza Soccer Club.
  • Naphtali Family Foundation
  • Sandy Murdoch
  • Sarah Myer and Baillieu Myer AC
  • Sally and Guy Nevett
  • Newsboys Foundation
  • Geoffrey Nicholson
  • Candace Ormerod
  • Lady Potter AC
  • John Prescott
  • The Ross Trust
  • Carol Richardson
  • Andrew Robbin
  • Nicholas Rogers
  • Adam and Yoko Ryan
  • Rye and District Community Financial Services Ltd
  • Rye Lions Club
  • SALT Catalyst
  • Sentinel Foundation
  • Michelle Shergold
  • Anita Zeimer and Geoff Slade
  • Darcy Smith
  • Sorrento Golf Club
  • Southern Peninsula Community Fund
  • Bronwyn Stewart
  • Swann Family Foundation
  • Tartakover Insurance
  • Charles Tegner
  • The Orloff Family Charitable Trust
  • The Social Garden
  • Peter and Mandy Vial
  • Rob Ware
  • Geoffrey Webb
  • Christopher Wright
  • Yulgilbar Foundation
  • Zagora Foundation